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How To Install


Prepping boat bottom

  • To prep fiberglass boat bottom sand with 80 grit sandpaper
  • For aluminum boat bottoms use a 36 grit sanding disk.
  • Sand blasting provides the best surface for bonding
  • Wipe down hall with denatured alcohol
  • Last wipe down boat bottom with etching compound

Prepping OceaPoly

  • Cut the OceaPoly to size
  • Apply vinyl ester resin to the fabric backing, let dry for 24 hours

Vacuum Bagging

  • Cut vacuum bag and breather cloth to size
  • Mix 2 part Plexus MA 590 in 5-gallon plastic pail
  • With serrated trowel spread Plexus adhesive evenly on the boat bottom
  • Place OceaPoly fabric backing onto adhesive
  • Cover OceaPoly with breather cloth
  • Cover breather cloth with bagging film then attach bagging film to the hull with double-sided sticky tape

Extrusion Weld OceaPoly

  • Remove Vacuum bagging material
  • Sand all seams with 80-grit sanding disk
  • Wipe the seams with degreaser
  • With the extrusion welder weld all seams
  • With a hand-held router, remove all excess welding splin

Lamination Process

  • Click the button below to download our PDF describing the lamination process.
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    1st step is to cut score or bend in break press
    2nd step wet out OceaPoly fabric
    3rd step is to sand or sand blast boat bottom of boat
    4th step is to mix 2 part adhesive
    5th step is to apply adhesive to boat bottom
    6th step is to install temporary mechanical fasteners to side radius
    7th step is to place OcePoly on boat hull
    8th step is to lay breather cloth on OceaPoly
    9th stepis to cover breather cloth with bagging film
    10th step is to pull a vacuum for 6 hours
    11th step is to remove machainal fasteners and fill holes on inside and outside
    Last step is to exteruion weld seams
    Another successful OceaPoly installation by Walter Streeter in Vero Beach FL.
    OceaPoly installation by Walter Streeter in Vero Beach FL.

    Congratulations to OceaPoly® partner DynaMarine on receiving the US Coast Guard, Great Lakes Ice Rescue Airboat contract. Their innovative design and quality construction will provide many years of service. Based on the US Coast Guard's statement, OceaPoly® is three to four times more durable than mechanically fastened polymer, which is why Dyna Marine uses it.

    DynaMarine Performance Boats was born of a vision, one that looked beyond current “state-of-the-art” in airboat design to “state-of-what-could-be” with imagination, determination, and a solid foundation of manufacturing expertise, precision craftsmanship, and financial strength. With exciting new hull designs that define the signature Dyna look, they are also providing the revolutionary on-water performance that is taking the airboat platform in thrilling new directions.

    As Dyna Marine designs and equips boats, they are partnering with top of the line suppliers to incorporate the best components and technologies available today. Using top names like OceaPoly Bonded UHMW Polymer, Turn Key Engine Supply, Livorsi Marine Electronics, Garmin, JL Audio, Ballistic Gear Drives, and WhirlWind and Sensenich propellers Dyna Marine is able to fly past the competition.

    Contact DynaMarine to equip your next airboat boat with OceaPoly or call them to replace your old, worn out polymer.