Bruce Linker

Founder / CEO

A Unique Path

From his beginnings in Indiana farm life to the industrial sales environment, Bruce has paved a unique and unexpected path in life.

While working at International Harvester after high school, Bruce was intrigued by the art scene in Fort Wayne. He realized that there were so few venues to display art to the public, so he opened his loft apartment for artists to exhibit and hold shows. Achieving success with this type of venue and seeing the need to grow beyond his loft, he visited various galleries and a nonprofit art establishment in New York that matched his vision to increase space and showings for a variety of mixed media. 

A board of directors and an artists’ panel were established. He raised money through business, grants, and corporate donations and bringing various artists to area venues for performances. Muddy Waters, BB King, Leon Russell, Robert Palmer, and Koko Taylor to name a few. Fast forward to the present day and a few locations later, Artlink is still existing and thriving today. Through his work in industrial equipment sales at LinkTech in southwest Michigan, Bruce found a solution to the age-old problem of sticky sugar residue. By replicating the stainless-steel food processing and packaging equipment with UHMW he eliminated a huge expense in downtime and loss production for the food industries. 

While fly fishing on the rivers of Michigan, Bruce realized there was also a market in the boating industry for a bondable UHMW product that would protect the bottom of shallow boats. Bruce plans that just like Artlink, OceaPoly® will grow across the globe for the use of boat lovers just like himself.

Who else may benefit from this technology?

We’d love to hear your suggestions for a new market or industry that would benefit from OceaPoly®. Manufacturers, installers, independent repair shops, and everyday people are all welcome to comment.
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