Randy Perkinson

Founder / CFO

Born Entrepreneur

Born in Riverside, California, and raised by the US Military, Randy lived in multiple places including Alaska, England, Louisiana, and St. Louis before his family settled in Atlanta, Georgia. 

Educated at the University of West Georgia, and majoring in graphics & design, with post-graduate work at Ringling School of Art in Sarasota, Florida, Randy came back to Atlanta in 1976 and went to work with a company named The Alphabet Group. 

He started his first company, Comprehensive Editions (CompEd) in 1977 as a packaging mock-up company, producing packaging comps for TV commercials. He sold CompEd in 1992, and in 1993 started a packaging graphics company, Comprehensive Packaging (COMPACK). In 1998 he sold COMPACK and went back into the mock-up business. Randy started a company called Advertising Props (AdProps). In 2008 he sold AdProps to a New York firm, Coloredge, and worked for them until he retired in 2009. 

Bruce and Randy partnered together in LinkTech, Inc. in 1999. Randy helped to turn LinkTech into a production company, producing and selling fabricated packaging and processing equipment out of UHMW. Once Bruce developed a patented process to make UHMW reliably bondable, the duo quickly realized this process was not only successful in the food industry but also valuable to other industries and markets throughout the world.

Who else may benefit from this technology?

We’d love to hear your suggestions for a new market or industry that would benefit from OceaPoly®. Manufacturers, installers, independent repair shops, and everyday people are all welcome to comment.
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